Hello Sir,

I have install the spark.


The local  spark-shell is working fine.


But whenever I tried the Master configuration I got some errors.


When I run this command ;

MASTER=spark://hadoopm0:7077 spark-shell


I gets the errors likes;


15/07/27 21:17:26 INFO AppClient$ClientActor: Connecting to master spark://hadoopm0:7077...

15/07/27 21:17:46 ERROR SparkDeploySchedulerBackend: Application has been killed. Reason: All masters are unresponsive! Giving up.

15/07/27 21:17:46 WARN SparkDeploySchedulerBackend: Application ID is not initialized yet.

15/07/27 21:17:46 ERROR TaskSchedulerImpl: Exiting due to error from cluster scheduler: All masters are unresponsive! Giving up.


Also I have attached the my screenshot of Master UI.

Also i have tested using telnet command:

it shows that hadoopm0 is connected 


Can you please give me some references, documentations or  how to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Thanking You,