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From Sarath Chandra <>
Subject Assign unique link ID
Date Sat, 31 Oct 2015 07:44:06 GMT
Hi All,

I have a hive table where data from 2 different sources (S1 and S2) get
accumulated. Sample data below -


I have a requirement to link similar records (same dates, branch and
reference numbers) source wise and assign them unique ID linking the 2
records. For example records 1 and 4 above should be linked with same ID.

I've written code below to segregate data source wise and join them based
on the similarities. But not knowing how to proceed further.

*var hc = new org.apache.spark.sql.hive.HiveContext(sc);*
*var src = hc.sql("select
from src_table");*

*var s1 = src.filter("source_type='S1'");*

*var s2 = src.filter("source_type='S2'");*
*var src_join = <>("S1").join(
<>("S2")).filter("(S1.TRN_NO= S2.TRN_NO) and (S1.DATE1=
S2.DATE1) and (S1.DATE2= S2.DATE2) and (S1.BRANCH= S2.BRANCH) and (S1.REF1=
S2.REF1) and (S1.REF2= S2.REF2) and (S1.REF3= S2.REF3) and (S1.REF4=
S2.REF4) and (S1.REF5= S2.REF5) and (S1.REF6= S2.REF6) and (S1.CURRENCY=

Tried using a UDF which returns a random value or hashed string using
record IDs of both sides and include it to schema using withColumn, but
ended up getting duplicate link IDs.

Also when I use a UDF I'm not able to refer to the columns using the alias
in next steps. For example if I create a new DF using below line -
*var src_link =
Then in further lines I'm not able to refer to "s1" columns from "src_link"
like -
*var src_link_s1 =

Please guide me.


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