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From Alan Braithwaite <>
Subject Re: Weird Spark Dispatcher Offers?
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2015 18:46:12 GMT
This happened right after blowing away /var/lib/mesos zk://mesos and
zk://spark_mesos_dispatcher and before I've submitted anything new to it so
I _shouldn't_ have anything enqueued.  Unless there's state being stored
somewhere besides those places that I don't know about.

I'm not sure what the resource specifications are for this one because I
didn't submit it directly.  If you have a way for me to grab a specific
offer configuration, I'd be delighted to provide it.  I just can't seem to
figure out how to get that information after digging through the mesos docs

Also, I can't read the docker logs because:

Oct 02 11:39:59 sparky docker[556]:
time="2015-10-02T11:39:59.165474049-07:00" level=error msg="Error streaming
logs: invalid character '\\x00' looking for beginning of value"

(that's coming from the spark-dispatcher docker).

- Alan

On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 11:36 AM, Tim Chen <> wrote:

> Do you have jobs enqueued? And if none of the jobs matches any offer it
> will just decline it.
> What's your job resource specifications?
> Tim
> On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 11:34 AM, Alan Braithwaite <>
> wrote:
>> Hey All,
>> Using spark with mesos and docker.
>> I'm wondering if anybody's seen the behavior of spark dispatcher where it
>> just continually requests resources and immediately declines the offer.
>> I'm trying to debug some issues with spark and I'm having trouble
>> figuring out if this is part of the problem or if it's safe to ignore it.
>> Any help or pointers would be appreciated.
>> Thanks!
>> - Alan

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