Make sure the broadcast variable works independent of the streaming application. Then make sure it work without have StreamingContext.getOrCreate(). That will disambiguate whether that error is thrown when starting a new context, or when recovering a context from checkpoint (as getOrCreate is supposed to do).

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 9:23 AM, dpristin <> wrote:

Can anyone point me out to what I'm doing wrong? I've implemented a very
basic spark streaming app that uses a single broadcast variable. When it
runs locally it produces a proper output (the array I broadcast). But when
deployed on the cluster I get "broadcastVar is null". We use v 1.4.1. Here
is the code:

--- imports go here

object BroadcastTest extends App {
  val logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger("OinkSparkMain")"OinkSparkMain - Setup Logger")

// This is our custom context setup code; nothing fancy goes on here
  val config = Configuration(args)
  val ssc: StreamingContext =
StreamingContext.getOrCreate(config.checkpointDirectory, () => {
SparkStreamingContextFactory.Create(config, timeWindow = Seconds(10))})

  val kafkaStreamFactory = new KafkaStreamFactory(config, ssc)
  val messages = kafkaStreamFactory.Create

  // Grab the value data above kafka input dstream as a string
  val events = s => s._2 )

  //Create a broadcast variable - straight from the dev guide
  val broadcastVar = ssc.sparkContext.broadcast(Array(1, 2, 3))

  //Try to print out the value of the broadcast var here
  val transformed = events.transform(rdd => { => {
      if(broadcastVar == null) {
        println("broadcastVar is null")
      }  else {
        println("broadcastVar value: " + broadcastVar.value.mkString("|"))

  transformed.foreachRDD(x =>"Data: " +


Any input is very much appreciated!


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