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From Zhiliang Zhu <>
Subject [Spark MLlib] about linear regression issue
Date Sun, 01 Nov 2015 17:22:28 GMT
Dear All,
As for N dimension linear regression, while the labeled training points number (or the rank
of the labeled point space) is less than N, then from perspective of math, the weight of
the trained linear model may be not unique. 
However, the output of model.weight() by spark may be with some wi < 0. My issue is, is
there some proper way only to getsome specific output weight with all wi >= 0 ...
Yes, the above goes same with the issue about solving linear system of equations, Aw = b,
and r(A, b) = r(A) < columnNo(A), then w iswith infinite solutions, but here only needs
one solution with all wi >= 0.When there is only unique solution, both LR and SVD will
work perfect.

I will appreciate your all kind help very much~~Best Regards,Zhiliang

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