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From unk1102 <>
Subject How to call mapPartitions on DataFrame?
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2015 17:43:56 GMT
Hi I have the following code where I use mapPartitions on RDD but then I need
to convert it into DataFrame so why do I need to convert DataFrame into RDD
and back into DataFrame for just calling mapPartitions why can I call it
directly on DataFrame? 

FlatMapFunction<Iterator&lt;Row>,Row>() {

   public Iterable<Row>  call(Iterable<Row> rowIterator) throws Exception { 
        List rowAsList = new ArrayList<>(); 
        while(rowIterator.hasNext()) { 
          Row row =;
          rowAsList = iterate(JavaConversions.seqAsJavaList(row.toSeq())); 
          Row updatedRow = RowFactory.create(rowAsList.toArray()); 
        return rowAsList; 

When I see method signature it
is.mapPartitions(scala.Function1<Iterator&lt;Row>,Iterator<R>> f,ClassTag<R>

How to I map above code into dataframe.mapPartitions please guide I am new
to Spark.

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