I am new to Spark.

I am trying to use spark-sql with SPARK CREATED and HIVE CREATED tables.

I have successfully made Hive metastore to be used by Spark.

In spark-sql I can see the DDL for Hive tables. However, when I do select count(1) from HIVE_TABLE it always returns zero rows.

If I create a table in spark as create table SPARK_TABLE as select * from HIVE_TABLE, the table schema is created but no data.

I can then use Hive to do INSET SELECT from HIVE_TABLE into SPARK_TABLE. That works.

I can then use spark-sql to query the table.

My questions:

  1. Is this correct that spark-sql only sees data in spark created tables but not any data in Hive tables?
  2. How can I make Spark read data from existing Hive tables.