As a I mentioned on the akka mailing list, in case others are following this thread: the issue isn't with dependencies. It's a bug in the maven-shade-plugin. It breaks classfiles when creating the assembly jar (it seems to do some constant propagation). `sbt assembly` doesn't suffer from this issue, probably because it uses another library for jar merging.


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HI Jacek,

Yes I was told that as well but no one gave me release schedules, and I have the immediate need to have Spark Applications communicating with Akka clusters based on latest version. I'm aware there is an ongoing effort to change to the low level netty implementation but AFAIK it's not available yet.

Any suggestions are very welcomed.


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> I'm currently trying to build spark with Scala 2.11 and Akka 2.4.0.

Why? AFAIK Spark's leaving Akka's boat and joins Netty's.

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