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From Mohammed Guller <>
Subject RE: how to introduce spark to your colleague if he has no background about *** spark related
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2016 23:43:16 GMT
Hi Charles,

You may find slides 16-20 from this deck useful:

I used it for a talk that I gave to MS students last week. I wanted to give them some context
before describing Spark.

It doesn’t cover all the stuff that you have on your agenda, but I would be happy to guide
you. Feel free to send me a direct email.

Author: Big Data Analytics with Spark<>

From: Xiao Li []
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2016 10:41 PM
To: Jörn Franke
Cc: charles li; user
Subject: Re: how to introduce spark to your colleague if he has no background about *** spark

My 2 cents. Concepts are always boring to the people with zero background. Use examples to
show how easy and powerful Spark is! Use cases are also useful for them. Downloaded the slides
in Spark summit. I believe you can find a lot of interesting ideas!

Tomorrow, I am facing similar issues, but the audiences are three RDBMS engine experts. I
will go over the paper Spark SQL in Sigmod 2015 with them and show them the source codes.

Good luck!

Xiao Li

2016-01-31 22:35 GMT-08:00 Jörn Franke <<>>:
It depends of course on the background of the people but how about some examples ("word count")
how it works in the background.

On 01 Feb 2016, at 07:31, charles li <<>>

Apache Spark™ is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing.

it's a good profile of spark, but it's really too short for lots of people if then have little
background in this field.

ok, frankly, I'll give a tech-talk about spark later this week, and now I'm writing a slide
about that, but I'm stuck at the first slide.

I'm going to talk about three question about spark in the first part of my talk, for most
of my colleagues has no background on spark, hadoop, so I want to talk :

1. the background of birth of spark
2. pros and cons of spark, or the situations that spark is going to handle, or why we use
3. the basic principles of spark,
4. the basic conceptions of spark

have anyone met kinds of this problem, introduce spark to one who has no background on your
field? and I hope you can tell me how you handle this problem at that time, or give some ideas
about the 4 sections mentioned above.

great thanks.

a spark lover, a quant, a developer and a good man.

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