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From "sagarcasual ." <>
Subject Maintain kafka offset externally as Spark streaming processes records.
Date Tue, 24 May 2016 19:07:17 GMT
In spark streaming consuming kafka using KafkaUtils.createDirectStream,
there are examples of the kafka offset level ranges. However if
1. I would like periodically maintain offset level so that if needed I can
reprocess items from a offset. Is there any way I can retrieve offset of a
message in rdd while I am processing each message?
2. Also with offsetranges, I have start and end offset for the RDD, but
what if while processing each record of the RDD system encounters and error
and job ends. Now if I want to begin processing from the record that
failed, how do I first save the last successful offset so that I can start
with that when starting next time.

Appreciate your help.

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