Its very much possible to use GraphX through Java, though some boilerplate may be needed. Here is an example.

Create a graph from edge and vertex RDD (JavaRDD<Tuple2<Object, Long>> vertices, JavaRDD<Edge<Long>> edges )

ClassTag longTag = scala.reflect.ClassTag$.MODULE$.apply(Long.class);
Graph<Long,Float> graph = Graph.apply(vertices.rdd(),
edges.rdd(), 0L, StorageLevel.MEMORY_ONLY(), StorageLevel.MEMORY_ONLY(), 
longTag, longTag);


Then basically you can call graph.ops() and do available operations like triangleCounting etc, 

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Hi ,

Scala has similar package structure as java and finally it runs on JVM so probably you get an impression that its in Java.

As far as I know there are no Java API for GraphX. I had used GraphX last year and at that time I had to code in Scala to use the GraphX APIs.

Santosh Akhilesh



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·       I see some graphx packages listed here:

·       org.apache.spark.graphx

·       org.apache.spark.graphx.impl

·       org.apache.spark.graphx.lib

·       org.apache.spark.graphx.util

Aren’t they meant to be used with JAVA?



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GraphX APis are available only in Scala. If you need to use GraphX you need to switch to Scala.


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We are trying to consume the Java API for GraphX, but there is no documentation available online on the usage or examples. It would be great if we could get some examples in Java.


Thanks and regards,


Abhishek Kumar




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