I asked something similar if you search for "Tools for Balancing Partitions By Size" (I couldn't find link on archives). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be something good right now other than knowing your job statistics. I am planning on implementing the idea I explained in the last paragraph or so of the last email I sent in this library https://github.com/EntilZha/spark-s3 although it could be a while to make my way up to data frames (adds for now).

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I am doing a Sql query that return a Dataframe. Then I am writing the result of the query using “df.write”, but the result get written in a lot of different small files (~100 of 200 ko). So now I am doing a “.coalesce(2)” before the write.

But the number “2” that I picked is static, is there have a way of dynamically picking the number depending of the file size wanted? (around 256mb would be perfect)


I am running spark 1.6 on CDH using yarn, the files are written in parquet format.




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