You can set the dbtable to this:

.option("dbtable", "(select * from master_schema where 'TID' = '100_0')")



On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 10:59 AM, sujeet jog <> wrote:
I have a table of size 5GB, and want to load selective rows into dataframe instead of loading the entire table in memory, 

For me memory is a constraint hence , and i would like to peridically load few set of rows and perform dataframe operations on it,

for the "dbtable"  is there a way to perform select * from master_schema where 'TID' = '100_0';
which can load only this to memory as dataframe .


Currently  I'm using code as below
    val df          = .format("jdbc")
                      .option("url", url)
                      .option("dbtable", "master_schema").load()