Thank you very much.  I will try this code and update you


On 01-Jul-2016 7:46 am, "Sun Rui" <> wrote:
Say you have got all of your folder paths into a val folders: Seq[String]

val add = sc.parallelize(folders, folders.size).mapPartitions { iter =>
  val folder =
  val status: Int = <call your executable with the folder path string>

On Jun 30, 2016, at 16:42, Balachandar R.A. <> wrote:


I have some 100 folders. Each folder contains 5 files. I have an executable that process one folder. The executable is a black box and hence it cannot be modified.I would like to process 100 folders in parallel using Apache spark so that I should be able to span a map task per folder. Can anyone give me an idea? I have came across similar questions but with Hadoop and answer was to use combineFileInputFormat and pathFilter. However, as I said, I want to use Apache spark. Any idea?