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From Tamas Szuromi <>
Subject Mesos coarse-grained problem with spark.shuffle.service.enabled
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2016 09:16:31 GMT

For a while, we're using Spark on Mesos with fine-grained mode in
Since Spark 2.0 the fine-grained mode is deprecated so we'd shift to
dynamic allocation.

When I tried to setup the dynamic allocation I run into the following
So I set spark.shuffle.service.enabled = true
and spark.dynamicAllocation.enabled = true as the documentation said. We're
using Spark on Mesos with spark.executor.uri where we download the
pipeline's corresponding Spark version from HDFS. The documentation also
says In Mesos coarse-grained mode, run
$SPARK_HOME/sbin/ on all slave nodes. But how
is it possible to launch it before start the application, if the given
Spark will be downloaded to the Mesos executor after executor launch but
it's looking for the started external shuffle service in advance?

Is it possible I can't use spark.executor.uri and
spark.dynamicAllocation.enabled together?

Thanks in advance!


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