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I think, you did try to run spark jobs on yarn. And also I think, you would like to submit jobs to different queues on yarn for each. And maybe you need to prepare queues on yarn to run spark jobs by configuring scheduler.

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Sender : Divya Gehlot <divya.htconex@gmail.com>
Date : 2016-09-14 15:08 (GMT+9)
Title : how to specify cores and executor to run spark jobs simultaneously


I am on EMR cluster and My cluster configuration is as below:
Number of nodes including master node - 3
Memory:22.50 GB
VCores Total : 16
Active Nodes : 2
Spark version- 1.6.1

Parameter set in spark-default.conf

spark.executor.instances         2
spark.executor.cores             8
spark.driver.memory              10473M
spark.executor.memory            9658M
spark.default.parallelism        32

Would let me know if need any other info regarding the cluster .

The current configuration for spark-submit is 
--driver-memory 5G \
--executor-memory 2G \
--executor-cores 5 \
--num-executors 10 \

Currently  with the above job configuration if I try to run another spark job it will be in accepted state till the first one finishes .
How do I optimize or update the above spark-submit configurations to run some more spark jobs simultaneously 

Would really appreciate the help.