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From <>
Subject RDD persist() not honoured
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2016 14:23:17 GMT

I have run into a weird caching problem (Using Spark 1.3.1 + Java 1.8.0) that I can only explain
as a bug.

In summary, I source the RDD from an Avro file, I apply a mapToPair Function, count &
cache. However, the RDD is not cached nor it appears in Spark UI Storage. (This is not cached
at all, not even partially)
                JavaSparkContext ctx = …;
JavaRDD a = ….;
JavaPairRDD b =  a.mapToPaiR(..).cache();
b.count(); //RDD is not cached.

I looked around but could not find any known bugs around this.

I debugged the b RDD and it is set as cached:
(80) MapPartitionsRDD[31] at mapToPair at [Memory Deserialized 1x Replicated]
|   RDD1 MapPartitionsRDD[22] at map at [Memory Deserialized 1x Replicated]
|   MapPartitionsRDD[21] at keys at [Memory Deserialized 1x Replicated]
|   maprfs:/mapr/XXX NewHadoopRDD[20] at newAPIHadoopFile at [Memory Deserialized
1x Replicated]

I also checked the b RDD storage level using a debugger and it seems correctly set as well.
StorageLevel(false, true, false, true, 1)

Now thing get more interesting as the following does result in cached rdd:

Also the following works:

However, any attempts to “fool” b.cache() fail as well(action completes but data are not
cached at all). E.g.

I haven’t managed to replicate the issue without the exact data, to be able to provide a
reproducible example as it works just fine in any other data types I have or any example I

Any ideas on where I should look?


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