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From Zsolt Tóth <>
Subject Delegation Token renewal in yarn-cluster
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2016 14:22:53 GMT

I ran some tests regarding Spark's Delegation Token renewal mechanism. As I
see, the concept here is simple: if I give my keytab file and client
principal to Spark, it starts a token renewal thread, and renews the
namenode delegation tokens after some time. This works fine.

Then I tried to run a long application (with HDFS operation in the end)
without providing the keytab/principal to Spark, and I expected it to fail
after the token expires. It turned out that this is not the case, the
application finishes successfully without a delegation token renewal by

My question is: how is that possible? Shouldn't a saveAsTextfile() fail
after the namenode delegation token expired?


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