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From Aleksander Eskilson <>
Subject [SQL/Catalyst] Janino Generated Code Debugging
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2016 18:59:30 GMT
Hi there,

I have some jobs generating Java code (via Janino) that I would like to
inspect more directly during runtime. The Janino page seems to indicate an
environmental variable can be set to support debugging the generated code,
allowing one to step into it directly and inspect variables and set
breakpoints. I'm using Intellij and setting both


but when I begin debug, I can't seem to view the generated code, even if I
set a breakpoint to the location that calls it and attempt to step into the
code, or reference a line of the stacktrace that should take me into the
code. Any idea how to properly set Janino to debug the Catalyst-generated
code more directly?


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