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From Mahender Sarangam <>
Subject Any equivalent method lateral and explore
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2016 22:42:56 GMT

We are converting our hive logic which is using lateral view and explode 
functions. Is there any builtin function in scala for performing lateral 
view explore.

Below is our  query in Hive. temparray is temp table with c0 and c1 columns

SELECT id, CONCAT_WS(',', collect_list(LineID)) as LineiD
FROM (SELECT cast(LineID as STRING) as LineiD, cast(id as STRING) as id
FROM temparray LATERAL VIEW explode(`_c1`) adTable AS id) T

Can any one provide pointer for string functions available in scala. We 
would like perform operations like Collect_List, get starting index of 
matching string.


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