In the past with Databricks package for csv files on occasions I had to do some cleaning at Linux directory level before ingesting CSV file into HDFS staging directory for Spark to read it.

I have a more generic issue that may have to be ready.

Assume that a provides using FTP to push CSV files into Windows directories. The whole solution is built around windows and .NET.

Now you want to ingest those files into HDFS and process them with Spark CSV.

One can create NFS directories visible to Windows server and HDFS as well. However, there may be issues with character sets etc. What are the best ways of handling this? One way would be to use some scripts to make these spreadsheet time files compatible with Linux and then load them into HDFS. For example I know that if I saved a Excel spresheet file with DOS FORMAT, that file will work OK with Spark CSV.  Are there tools to do this as well?


Dr Mich Talebzadeh


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