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From big data <>
Subject Re: How to deal with string column data for spark mlib?
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2016 14:54:07 GMT
I want to use decision tree to evaluate whether the event will be happened, the data like this:

userid     sex    country   age    attr1  attr2   ...   event

1           male     USA       23      xxx    xxxx  ....     0

2           male     UK       25      xxx    xxxx  ....     1

3           female   JPN       35      xxx    xxxx  ....     1


I want to use sex, country, age, attr1, attr2, ... as input, and event column as the label
column to be applied to decision tree.

In spark mlib, I get that all  columns value should be double to be calculated,

But I do not know to transfer sex, country, attr1, attr2 columns' value to double type directly
in spark's job.


在 16/12/20 下午9:37, theodondre 写道:
Give a snippets of the data.

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From: big data <><>
Date: 12/20/16 4:35 AM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: How to deal with string column data for spark mlib?

our source data are string-based data, like this:
col1   col2   col3 ...
aaa   bbb    ccc
aa2   bb2    cc2
aa3   bb3    cc3
...     ...       ...

How to convert all of these data to double to apply for mlib's algorithm?


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