That's correct - currently GraphFrame does not compute PageRank with weighted edges.

From: Weiwei Zhang <>
Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2016 2:41 PM
Subject: [GraphFrame, Pyspark] Weighted Edge in PageRank
To: user <>

Hi guys, 

I am trying to compute the pagerank for the locations in the following dummy dataframe, 

src    des      shared_gas_stations
 A       B               2
 A       C              10
 C       E               3
 D       E              12
 E       G               5

I have tried the function graphframe.pageRank(resetProbability=0.01, maxIter=20) in GraphFrame but it seems like this function doesn't take weighted edges. Maybe I am not using it correctly. How can I pass the weighted edges to this function? Also I am not sure if this function works for the undirected graph. 

Thanks a lot!

- Weiwei