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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Questions related to writing data to S3
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2017 10:34:06 GMT

On 23 Apr 2017, at 19:49, Richard Hanson <<>>

I have a streaming job which writes data to S3. I know there are saveAsXXXX functions helping
write data to S3. But it bundles all elements then writes out to S3.

use Hadoop 2.8.x binaries and the fast output stream; this will stream up data in blocks of
5+MB (configurable), so eleminating/reducing the upload delay in the close(), and saving on
disk space.

however, your new object isn't going to be visible until that close() call, and with the FS
being eventually consistent, the list operation often visibly lags the actual object creation
(or deletions, for that matter)

So my first question - Is there any way to let saveAsXXXX functions write data in batch or
single elements instead of whole bundle?

Right now I use S3 TransferManager to upload files in batch. The code looks like below (sorry
I don't have code at hand)


val manager = // initialize TransferManager...

stream.foreachRDD { rdd =>

  val elements = rdd.collect




I suppose there would have problem here because TransferManager instance is at driver program
(Now the job is working that may be because I run spark as a single process). And checking
on the internet, seemingly it is recommended to use foreachPartition instead, and prevent
using function that cause actions such as rdd.collect. So another questions: what is the best
practice regarding to this scenario (batch upload transformed data to external storage such
as S3)? And what functions would cause 'action' to be triggered (like data to be sent back
to driver program)?

once you've moved to the Hadoop 2.8 s3a client, you can just use save(path) on the dataframe
to have it all done. S3A also manages sharing the transfer manager across all the workers
in a's tricker than you think as you want to share the available upload bandwidth
while giving some B/W to all threads generating output...more than one thread pool is used
to handle this (see HADOOP-13286 for an example).

getting those Hadoop 2.8.x binaries in is a bit tricky, because of transitive classpath pain;
the SPARK-7481 patch shows how I do it

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