Look at alluxio for sharing across drivers or spark jobserver

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Thanks for your reply.


Creating a table is an option, but such approach slows down reads & writes for a real-time analytics streaming use case that I’m currently working on.

If at all global temporary view could have been accessible across sessions/spark contexts, that would have simplified my usecase a lot.


But yeah, thanks for explaining the behavior of global temporary view, now it’s clear J




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Subject: Re: Spark SQL - Global Temporary View is not behaving as expected


Cross session is this context is multiple spark sessions from the same spark context. Since you are running two shells, you are having different spark context.


Do you have to you a temp view? Could you create a table?


From: Hemanth Gudela <hemanth.gudela@qvantel.com>
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Subject: Spark SQL - Global Temporary View is not behaving as expected
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According to documentation, global temporary views are cross-session accessible.


But when I try to query a global temporary view from another spark shell like thisà

Instance 1 of spark-shell


scala> spark.sql("select 1 as col1").createGlobalTempView("gView1")


Instance 2 of spark-shell (while Instance 1 of spark-shell is still alive)


scala> spark.sql("select * from global_temp.gView1").show()

org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException: Table or view not found: `global_temp`.`gView1`

'Project [*]

+- 'UnresolvedRelation `global_temp`.`gView1`


I am expecting that global temporary view created in shell 1 should be accessible in shell 2, but it isn’t!

Please correct me if I missing something here.


Thanks (in advance),