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From Esa Heikkinen <>
Subject VS: VS: Using Spark as a simulator
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2017 07:37:14 GMT

I only want to simulate very huge "network" with even millions parallel time syncronized actors
(state machines). There are also communication between actors via some (key-value pairs) database.
I also want the simulation should work in the real time.

I don't know what would be the best framework or tool for that kind of simulation. I think
Akka would be the best and easiest to deploy ?

Or do you know better frameworks or tools ?

Nowdays Spark is using Netty instead of Akka ?

Lähettäjä: Jörn Franke <>
Lähetetty: 7. heinäkuuta 2017 10:04
Vastaanottaja: Esa Heikkinen
Kopio: Mahesh Sawaiker;
Aihe: Re: VS: Using Spark as a simulator

Spark dropped Akka some time ago...
I think the main issue he will face is a library for simulating the state machines (randomly),
storing a huge amount of files (HDFS is probably the way to go if you want it fast) and distributing
the work (here you can select different options).
Are you trying to have some mathematical guarantees on the state machines, such as Markov
chains/steady state?

On 7. Jul 2017, at 08:46, Esa Heikkinen <<>>

Would it be better to use Akka as simulator rather than Spark ?

Build powerful reactive, concurrent & distributed applications more easily. Akka is a
toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient ...

The spark was originally built on it (Akka).


Lähettäjä: Mahesh Sawaiker <<>>
Lähetetty: 21. kesäkuuta 2017 14:45
Vastaanottaja: Esa Heikkinen; Jörn Franke
Aihe: RE: Using Spark as a simulator

Spark can help you to create one large file if needed, but hdfs itself will provide abstraction
over such things, so it’s a trivial problem if anything.

If you have spark installed, then you can use spark-shell to try a few samples, and build
from there.If you can collect all the files in a folder then spark can read all files from
there. The programming guide below has enough information to get started.

Spark Programming Guide - Spark 2.1.1 Documentation<><>
Spark Programming Guide. Overview; Linking with Spark; Initializing Spark. Using the Shell;
Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs) Parallelized Collections

All of Spark’s file-based input methods, including textFile, support running on directories,
compressed files, and wildcards as well. For example, you can use textFile("/my/directory"),
textFile("/my/directory/*.txt"), and textFile("/my/directory/*.gz").

After reading the file you can map it using map function, which will split the individual
line and possibly create a scala object. This way you will get a RDD of scala objects, which
you can then process functional/set operators.

You would want to read about PairRDDs.

From: Esa Heikkinen []
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 1:12 PM
To: Jörn Franke
Subject: VS: Using Spark as a simulator


Thanks for the answer.

I think my simulator includes a lot of parallel state machines and each of them generates
log file (with timestamps). Finally all events (rows) of all log files should combine as time
order to (one) very huge log file. Practically the combined huge log file can also be split
into smaller ones.

What transformation or action functions can i use in Spark for that purpose ?

Or are there exist some code sample (Python or Scala) about that ?


Esa Heikkinen


Lähettäjä: Jörn Franke <<>>
Lähetetty: 20. kesäkuuta 2017 17:12
Vastaanottaja: Esa Heikkinen
Aihe: Re: Using Spark as a simulator

It is fine, but you have to design it that generated rows are written in large blocks for
optimal performance.

The most tricky part with data generation is the conceptual part, such as probabilistic distribution

You have to check as well that you use a good random generator, for some cases the Java internal
might be not that well.

On 20. Jun 2017, at 16:04, Esa Heikkinen <<>>


Spark is a data analyzer, but would it be possible to use Spark as a data generator or simulator

My simulation can be very huge and i think a parallelized simulation using by Spark (cloud)
could work.

Is that good or bad idea ?


Esa Heikkinen

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