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From Jack Leadford <>
Subject [Spark] Expose Spark to Untrusted Users?
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2017 03:23:21 GMT

I would like to expose Apache Spark to untrusted users (through Livy, and with a direct
JDBC connection).

However, there appear to be a variety of avenues wherein one of these untrusted users
can execute arbitrary code (by design): PySpark, SparkR, Jar uploads, various UDFs, etc.

I would like to prevent my untrusted users from executing arbitrary remote code.
I have found small bits of information relating to this[0][1], but nothing comprehensive
or prescriptive.

I understand that this is not exactly Spark’s use case, but any thoughts or opinions with
regards to this would be appreciated, and especially if there is an established process
for tending to this scenario.




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