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From "Qiao, Richard" <>
Subject Re: Programmatically get status of job (WAITING/RUNNING)
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2017 02:05:53 GMT
For #2, do you mean “RUNNING” showing in “Driver” table? If yes, that is not a problem,
because driver does run, while there is no executor available, as can be a status for you
to catch – Driver running while no executors.
Comparing #1 and #3, my understanding of “submitted” is “the jar is submitted to executors”.
With this concept, you may define your own status.

Best Regards

On 12/4/17, 4:06 AM, "bsikander" <> wrote:

    So, I tried to use SparkAppHandle.Listener with SparkLauncher as you
    suggested. The behavior of Launcher is not what I expected.
    1- If I start the job (using SparkLauncher) and my Spark cluster has enough
    cores available, I receive events in my class extending
    SparkAppHandle.Listener and I see the status getting changed from
    2- If my Spark cluster has cores only for my Driver process (running in
    cluster mode) but no cores for my executor, then I still receive the RUNNING
    event. I was expecting something else since my executor has no cores and
    Master UI shows WAITING state for executors, listener should respond with
    SUBMITTED state instead of RUNNING.
    3- If my Spark cluster has no cores for even the driver process then
    SparkLauncher invokes no events at all. The state stays in UNKNOWN. I would
    have expected it to be in SUBMITTED state atleast.
    *Is there any way with which I can reliably get the WAITING state of job?*
    Driver=RUNNING, executor=RUNNING, overall state should be RUNNING
    Driver=RUNNING, executor=WAITING overall state should be SUBMITTED/WAITING
    Driver=WAITING, executor=WAITING overall state should be
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