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From yohann jardin <>
Subject Re: learning Spark
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 07:14:33 GMT
Plenty of documentation is available on Spark website itself:

You’ll find deployment guides, tuning, etc.

Yohann Jardin

Le 05-Dec-17 à 1:38 AM, Somasundaram Sekar a écrit :
Learning Spark - ORielly publication as a starter and official doc

On 4 Dec 2017 9:19 am, "Manuel Sopena Ballesteros" <<>>
Dear Spark community,

Is there any resource (books, online course, etc.) available that you know of to learn about
spark? I am interested in the sys admin side of it? like the different parts inside spark,
how spark works internally, best ways to install/deploy/monitor and how to get best performance

Any suggestion?

Thank you very much

Manuel Sopena Ballesteros | Systems Engineer
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
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