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From Xilang Yan <>
Subject Limit the block size of data received by spring streaming receiver
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2018 02:36:49 GMT

We use a customize receiver to receive data from our MQ. We used to use def
store(dataItem: T) to store data however I found the block size can be very
different from 0.5K to 5M size. So that data partition processing time is
very different. Shuffle is an option, but I want to avoid it.

I notice that def store(dataBuffer: ArrayBuffer[T]) can store the whole data
into a block so I can control block size, however I also noticed that this
method doesn't apply any rate limit on it, I have to do rate limit myself.

So by now, I haven't have a good way to control block size, I am asking if
spark can add rate limit on  store(dataBuffer: ArrayBuffer[T]) method or
have a way to control block size generated by BlockGenerator

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