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From Ramon Bejar Torres <>
Subject [Spark GraphX pregel] default value for EdgeDirection not consistent between programming guide and API documentation
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2018 23:36:10 GMT

I just wanted to notice that in the API doc page for the pregel operator 
(graphX API for spark 2.2.1):[A](A,Int,EdgeDirection)((VertexId,VD,A)%E2%87%92VD,(EdgeTriplet[VD,ED])%E2%87%92Iterator[(VertexId,A)],(A,A)%E2%87%92A)(ClassTag[A]):Graph[VD,ED]

It says that the default value for the activeDir parameter is 

However, in the GraphX programming guide: 

in the type signature for the pregel operator the default value 
indicated is EdgeDirection.Out. For consistency, I think that it should 
be changed in the programming guide to the actual default value (Either).


Ramon BĂ©jar


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