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From "Marinov, Slavi (London)" <>
Subject Dynamic Resource Allocation - session stuck
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2018 20:23:04 GMT

I am playing with DRA, initially just trying to get a feel for functionality/limitations &
getting the basics to work. Spark is running with Mesos (in turn on Zookeeper). Spark is version

I am running this very simple snippet:

The first time I run it in the session, it runs fine.

I then wait for the executors to be killed (60 seconds per the default settings), and run
this again in the same session:

x = range(1500)
result = sc.parallelize(x, numSlices=len(x)) \
              .map(lambda x: x ** 2) \

I then see:

And then it's stuck.

​If I look at the Mesos UI, resources are on offer - but there aren't 1500 cores on offer
(that said, there weren't 1500 the first time around either - yet it ran successfully).

If I look at the Spark Driver UI, I see 45 active executors. Interestingly, these were there
even after the DRA sweep - after I'd seen "INFO MesosCoarseGrainedSchedulerBackend: Capping
the total amount of executors to 0" in the log file. So it doesn't look like DRA actually
released the executors - but that is perhaps another issue.

This is in a test environment - nothing else particularly fancy is going on. No other drivers
are running.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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