You don't need to create the init-container. It's an implementation detail.
If you provide a remote uri, and specify spark.kubernetes.container.image=<spark-image>, Spark internally will add the init container to the pod spec for you.
If for some reason, you want to customize the init container image, you can choose to do that using the specific options, but I don't think this is necessary in most scenarios. The init container image, driver and executor images can be identical by default.

On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 6:52 AM purna pradeep <> wrote:

Im trying to run spark-submit to kubernetes cluster with spark 2.3 docker container image

The challenge im facing is application have a mainapplication.jar and other dependency files & jars which are located in Remote location like AWS s3 ,but as per spark 2.3 documentation there is something called kubernetes init-container to download remote dependencies but in this case im not creating any Podspec to include init-containers in kubernetes, as per documentation Spark 2.3 spark/kubernetes internally creates Pods (driver,executor) So not sure how can i use init-container for spark-submit when there are remote dependencies.

Please suggest

Anirudh Ramanathan