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From Sergey Zhemzhitsky <>
Subject AccumulatorV2 vs AccumulableParam (V1)
Date Wed, 02 May 2018 22:20:35 GMT
Hello guys,

I've started to migrate my Spark jobs which use Accumulators V1 to
AccumulatorV2 and faced with the following issues:

1. LegacyAccumulatorWrapper now requires the resulting type of
AccumulableParam to implement equals. In other case the
AccumulableParam, automatically wrapped into LegacyAccumulatorWrapper,
will fail with AssertionError (SPARK-23697 [1]).

2. Existing AccumulatorV2 classes are hardly difficult to extend
easily and correctly (SPARK-24154 [2]) due to its "copy" method which
is called during serialization and usually loses type information of
descendant classes which don't override "copy" (and it's easier to
implement an accumulator from scratch than override it correctly)

3. The same instance of AccumulatorV2 cannot be used with the same
SparkContext multiple times (unlike AccumulableParam) failing with
"IllegalStateException: Cannot register an Accumulator twice" even
after "reset" method called. So it's impossible to unregister already
registered accumulator from user code.

4. AccumulableParam (V1) implementations are usually more or less
stateless, while AccumulatorV2 implementations are almost always
stateful, leading to (unnecessary?) type checks (unlike
AccumulableParam). For example typical "merge" method of AccumulatorV2
requires to check whether current accumulator is of an appropriate
type, like here [3]

5. AccumulatorV2 is more difficult to implement correctly unlike
AccumulableParam. For example, in case of AccumulableParam I have to
implement just 3 methods (addAccumulator, addInPlace, zero), in case
of AccumulableParam - just 2 methods (addInPlace, zero) and in case of
AccumulatorV2 - 6 methods (isZero, copy, reset, add, merge, value)

6. AccumulatorV2 classes are hardly possible to be anonymous classes,
because of their "copy" and "merge" methods which typically require a
concrete class to make a type check.

I understand the motivation for AccumulatorV2 (SPARK-14654 [4]), but
just wondering whether there is a way to simplify the API of
AccumulatorV2 to meet the points described above and to be less error


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