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From "Mendelson, Assaf" <>
Subject RE: DataSourceV2 APIs creating multiple instances of DataSourceReader and hence not preserving the state
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2018 10:29:03 GMT
Could you add a fuller code example? I tried to reproduce it in my environment and I am getting
just one instance of the reader…


From: Shubham Chaurasia []
Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 9:31 AM
Subject: DataSourceV2 APIs creating multiple instances of DataSourceReader and hence not preserving
the state

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Hi All,

--Spark built with tags/v2.4.0-rc2

Consider following DataSourceReader implementation:

public class MyDataSourceReader implements DataSourceReader, SupportsScanColumnarBatch {

  StructType schema = null;
  Map<String, String> options;

  public MyDataSourceReader(Map<String, String> options) {
    System.out.println("MyDataSourceReader.MyDataSourceReader: Instantiated...." + this);
    this.options = options;

  public List<InputPartition<ColumnarBatch>> planBatchInputPartitions() {
    //variable this.schema is null here since readSchema() was called on a different instance
    System.out.println("MyDataSourceReader.planBatchInputPartitions: " + this + " schema:
" + this.schema);
    //more logic......
    return null;

  public StructType readSchema() {
    //some logic to discover schema
    this.schema = (new StructType())
        .add("col1", "int")
        .add("col2", "string");
    System.out.println("MyDataSourceReader.readSchema: " + this + " schema: " + this.schema);
    return this.schema;

1) First readSchema() is called on MyDataSourceReader@instance1 which sets class variable

2) Now when planBatchInputPartitions() is called, it is being called on a different instance
of MyDataSourceReader and hence I am not getting the value of schema in method planBatchInputPartitions().

How can I get value of schema which was set in readSchema() method, in planBatchInputPartitions()

Console Logs:

scala> mysource.executeQuery("select * from movie").show

MyDataSourceReader.MyDataSourceReader: Instantiated....MyDataSourceReader@59ea8f1b<mailto:Instantiated....MyDataSourceReader@59ea8f1b>

MyDataSourceReader.readSchema: MyDataSourceReader@59ea8f1b schema: StructType(StructField(col1,IntegerType,true),

MyDataSourceReader.MyDataSourceReader: Instantiated....MyDataSourceReader@a3cd3ff<mailto:Instantiated....MyDataSourceReader@a3cd3ff>

MyDataSourceReader.planBatchInputPartitions: MyDataSourceReader@a3cd3ff schema: null


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