Not currently in Spark.

However, there are systems out there that can share DataFrame between languages on top of Spark - it’s not calling the python UDF directly but you can pass the DataFrame to python and then .map(UDF) that way.

From: Fiske, Danny <>
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2019 6:58:32 AM
Subject: [PySpark] [SparkR] Is it possible to invoke a PySpark function with a SparkR DataFrame?

Hi all,


Forgive this naïveté, I’m looking for reassurance from some experts!


In the past we created a tailored Spark library for our organisation, implementing Spark functions in Scala with Python and R “wrappers” on top, but the focus on Scala has alienated our analysts/statisticians/data scientists and collaboration is important for us (yeah… we’re aware that your SDKs are very similar across languages… :/ ). We’d like to see if we could forego the Scala facet in order to present the source code in a language more familiar to users and internal contributors.


We’d ideally write our functions with PySpark and potentially create a SparkR “wrapper” over the top, leading to the question:


Given a function written with PySpark that accepts a DataFrame parameter, is there a way to invoke this function using a SparkR DataFrame? 


Is there any reason to pursue this? Is it even possible?


Many thanks,



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