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From chagas <>
Subject Incremental (online) machine learning algorithms on ML
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2019 12:56:05 GMT

After searching the machine learning library for streaming algorithms, I 
found two that fit the criteria: Streaming Linear Regression 

and Streaming K-Means 

However, both use the RDD-based API MLlib instead of the DataFrame-based 
API ML; are there any plans for bringing them both to ML?

Also, is there any technical reason why there are so few incremental 
algorithms on the machine learning library? There's only 1 algorithm for 
regression and clustering each, with nothing for classification, 
dimensionality reduction or feature extraction.

If there is a reason, how were those two algorithms implemented? If 
there isn't, what is the general consensus on adding new online machine 
learning algorithms?

Lucas Chagas

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