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From Nick Dawes <>
Subject Spark Structured Streaming XML content
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2019 19:05:58 GMT
I'm trying to analyze data using Kinesis source in PySpark Structured
Streaming on Databricks.

Ceeated a Dataframe as shown below.

kinDF = spark.readStream.format("kinesis").("streamName",

Converted the data from base64 encoding as below.

df =  kinDF.withColumn("xml_data", expr("CAST(data as string)"))

Now, I need to extract few fields from df.xml_data column using xpath.

Can you please suggest any possible solution?

If I create a dataframe directly for these xml files as

xml_df ="xml").options(rowTag='Consumers').load("s3a://bkt/xmldata")

I'm able to query using xpath"Analytics.Amount1").show()

But, not sure how to do extract elements similarly on a Spark Streaming
dataframe where data is in text format.

Are there any xml functions to convert text data using schema? I saw an
example for json data using from_json.

Is it possible to use on a dataframe column?

I need to find aggregated "Amount1" for every 5 minutes window.

Thanks for your help.


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