I have a config file application.conf that I am trying to read.

The skeleton code is as follows:

import com.typesafe.config.ConfigFactory
import scala.collection.JavaConverters
  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
    val globalConfig = ConfigFactory.load()  // pass in filename (without extension) to load additional config file in src/main/resources or CLASSPATH
    val conf       = globalConfig.getConfig("database")  // extract out top level key from top level namespace
    conf.entrySet().iterator().forEachRemaining { entry =>
      val key:    String = entry.getKey
      val value:  Any    = entry.getValue.unwrapped()  // access via entry
      val value2: Any    = conf.getAnyRef(key)         // access via hash lookup from config
      println( s"$key : $value | $value2" )              // string interpolation


But I am getting the following error

[info] Compiling 1 Scala source to /data6/hduser/scala/testconf/target/scala-2.11/classes...
[error] /data6/hduser/scala/testconf/src/main/scala/myPackage/testconf.scala:10: missing parameter type
[error]     conf.entrySet().iterator().forEachRemaining { entry =>
[error]                                                   ^
[error] one error found
[error] (compile:compileIncremental) Compilation failed

The application.conf has the following layout

database = {
  dbDatabase = "trading"
  dbPassword = "mongodb"
  dbUsername = "trading_user_RW"
  bootstrapServers = "rhes75:9092"

I appreciate any hint


Dr Mich Talebzadeh


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