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From Alastair Green <>
Subject Re: graphx vs graphframes
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2019 08:19:28 GMT
Hi Nicolas,
I was following the current thread on the dev channel about Spark Graph, including Cypher
and I remembered your post.
Actually, GraphX and GraphFrames are both not being developed actively, so far as I can tell.
The only activity on GraphX in the last two years was a fix for Scala 2.13 functionality:
to quote the PR
### Does this PR introduce any user-facing change?No behavior change at all.

The only activity on GraphFrames since the addition of Pregel support in Scala back in December
2018, has been build/test improvements and recent builds against 2.4 and 3.0 snapshots. I’m
not sure there was a lot of functional change before that either.
The efforts to provide graph processing in Spark with the more full-featured Cypher query
language that you can see in the proposed 3.0 changes discussed in the dev list, and the related
openCypher/morpheus project (which among many other things allows you to cast a Morpheus graph
into a GraphX graph) and extends the proposed 3.0 changes in a compatible way, are active.
Alastair Green

Query Languages Standards and Research

Neo4j UK Ltd

Union House
182-194 Union Street
London, SE1 0LH

+44 795 841 2107

On Sun, Sep 22, 2019 at 21:17, Nicolas Paris <> wrote:
hi all

graphframes was intended to replace graphx.

however the former looks not maintained anymore while the latter is
still active.

any thought ?

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