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From anbutech <>
Subject Re: Explode/Flatten Map type Data Using Pyspark
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2019 03:30:16 GMT
Hello Guha,

The  number of keys will be different for each event id.for example if the
event id:005 it is has 10 keys then i have to flatten all those 10 keys in
the final there is no fixed number of keys for each event id.

001 -> 2 keys

002 -> 4 keys

003 -> 5 keys

above event id has different key values combinations and different from
other.i want to dynamically flatten the incoming data

in the ouput s3 csv file(want to write all the flattened keys in the csv


eve_id  k1    k2  k3
001       abc   x  y

eve_id,  k1  k2   k3   k4
002,     12  jack 0.01 0998

eve_id,   k1     k2        k3          k4      k5
003,       aaa  xxxx   device   endpoint     -

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