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From "Gonzalez, Victor" <>
Subject Re: Captured netflow v9 fields/tags different from those on public datasets
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2017 01:30:02 GMT
Hi Dimitris, 

Are you using  spot-nfdump version? Or regular nfcapd/nfdump?

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> On Jul 8, 2017, at 6:30 PM, Dimitris Papadopoulos <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I 'm posting this here, in case it's more visible than in the general Slack
> channel.
> We have installed Spot on a testbed (Ubuntu 14.04, CDH 5.11), trying to
> simulate a DDoS attack in order to test the platform's detection
> capabilities.
> We are using a DDoS simulation tool to attack one of our websites, while
> capturing netflow traffic (nfcapd) which should normally be ingested and
> passed to the hdfs and to hive tables.
> Unfortunately, while the flow worker tries to output the nfdump command to
> .csv, it fails , probably due to the fact that the netflow fields provided
> by our captured traffic are different than those expected.
> More specifically, our *nfdump -r -o csv *command outputs files with the
> following headers:
> ts,te,td,sa,da,sp,dp,pr,flg,fwd,stos,ipkt,ibyt,opkt,obyt,in,out,sas,das,smk,dmk,dtos,dir,nh,nhb,svln,dvln,ismc,odmc,idmc,osmc,mpls1,mpls2,mpls3,mpls4,mpls5,mpls6,mpls7,mpls8,mpls9,mpls10,cl,sl,al,ra,eng,exid,tr
> while the public AWS datasets that Spot works with, output just the
> following headers:
> tr,try,trm,trd,trh,trm,trs,td,sa,da,sp,dp,pr,flg,fwd,stos,ipkt,ibyt,opkt,obyt,in,out,sas,das,dtos,dir,ra
> I would like to know the suggested procedure to capture netflow traffic
> with the correct format, as it seems that a simple nfcapd command is not
> enough.
> My colleague is getting the .nfcapd files from a pfsense firewall and he
> seems to have matched the correct format (although some issues with the
> timestamp of the records have emerged - 1/1/1970 is displayed, probably due
> to null values).
> I would really appreciate your help, either by replying to this mail, or
> via Slack.
> Best Regards,
> Dimitris

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