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From Peter Hall <Peter.H...@quest.com>
Subject RE: [sqoop-user] Slow queries with table that has index when using OraOop
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 00:21:39 GMT
Hi Ken,

OraOop should be using the NO_INDEX hint, we'll get that fixed for the next release.

Until then you may be able to work around this issue with session initialization statements.

ALTER SESSION SET optimizer_index_cost_adj=10000;
to tell oracle to not use the index. You may need to experiment with this a little to find
a value that will have the desired effect.

Also check the OPTIMIZER_MODE on the database. If it is set to FIRST_ROWS that could explain
why Oracle is trying to use the index. Add
ALTER SESSION SET optimizer_mode='ALL_ROWS';
if this is the case.

Let us know if the ALTER SESSION statements don't fix your issue, we can do a patch release
if necessary.

Peter Hall
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