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From "Tolliver, Johnny S." <tolli...@ornl.gov>
Subject import error: column name '........pg.dropped.16........' not in table
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 15:57:26 GMT
Hello all,

I'm new to sqoop. I'm using CDH3U2 and testing sqoop against a GreenPlum database. I've successfully
imported two smallish tables into Hive without problems, but on a third table, which is only
slightly more complicated, I'm getting the error

column name '........pg.dropped.16........' not in table

I've tried with both the postgresql driver version 8.4-703 and 9.1-901 and get the same errors.

I've also tried create-hive-table instead of import and get a different error. This time a
NullPointerException at com.cloudera.sqoop.hive.TableDefWriter.getCreateTableStat at line
151. Same results with both postgresql drivers.

The table I'm trying to import has 15 columns and is not complicated. Here is a create table
command used in GreenPlum with the names changed to protect the innocent.

        aaa varchar(2) NOT NULL,
        fff varchar(5) NULL,
        link numeric(8, 0) NOT NULL,
	rrr varchar(1) NULL,
        ident varchar(20) NULL,
	xxx varchar(1) NULL,
        cnty varchar(3) NULL,
	zzz varchar(5) NULL,
        hhh varchar(12) NULL,
	ccc varchar(12) NULL,
        date1 datetime NULL,
	date2 datetime NULL,
        id2 varchar(9) NULL,
	ind varchar(1) NULL,
        eee varchar(1) NULL,
	xref varchar(12) NULL

Anyone have any ideas why I'm seeing these errors? Many thanks.

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