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From Marcin Cylke <mcl.sqoopus...@touk.pl>
Subject Re: [ sqoopusers ] Re: import to hive hangs
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 15:54:57 GMT
On 07/03/12 15:28, Jarek Jarcec Cecho wrote:
> I'm not sure whether it's connected to your problem, but sqoop is designed to firstly
import data into HDFS to a temporary directory and than using hive command "LOAD DATA" move
them to target location in HIVE warehouse directory. You seems to be importing data directly
into default HIVE warehouse directory (--targer-dir /user/hive/warehouse/sample_rm2). I would
firstly try to change --target-dir parameter to simple "--target-dir sample_rm2" (directory
with this name will be created in your HDFS home directory) or any other HDFS path outside

This helped quite a lot  I've again forgot about not writting into
hive warehouse directly.

Now, when I execute it with --target-dir sample_rm , and not full path,
sqoop finishes execution. However Hive is not aware of this table. The
appropriate directory is in /user/hive/warehouse, but is not visible via
'show tables' in hive shell, nor I can select any data from it.

Is there an easy fix for that?


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