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From corbacho anthony <acorba...@nflabs.com>
Subject Sqoop and OSGI
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 06:25:51 GMT

I am trying to use Sqoop in an osgi pluging but it wont work and I dont
know why.
I keep getting the following error:
"2013-06-19 13:53:27,556 | ERROR | qtp122715895-276 | BaseSqoopTool  | ?  ?
|  -  -  | Got error creating database manager: java.io.IOException: No
manager for connect string: jdbc:mysql://...."

I have include sqoop in my pom (1.4.0-cdh4b1) and I also have my mysql
driver loader (i can use in the code).

the part who throw an exception is:

String[] str = {
"--driver", "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver",
"--connect", "jdbc:mysql://___MY_DB___",
"--hadoop-home", __HOME__,
"--query", "Select [.....] AND $CONDITIONS",
"--split-by", "id",
"--target-dir", "hdfs://__SERVER__/__FOLDER__",
"--username", "foo",
"--password", "barou"};

return Sqoop.runTool(str);


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