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From shengjie min <kelvin....@gmail.com>
Subject incremental updates mysql to HBase
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 16:04:39 GMT
Hi guys,

TO simplify my question, Let's say, I have a mysql table called 'student', looks like this:

| id | name     | sex | 
|  1 | Alice       |   0  | 
|  2 | Bob         |   1  |  
|  3 | Charles  |   1  |  

I want to import this table to HBase periodically which means I will run this sqoop job periodically.
There are two goals:

A.  every time there is a new record inserted to mysql table, e.g. (4, David, 1), I hope my
next sqoop import will catch it and put it in HBase.
B. if  there is any updates have been made to mysql rows 1, 2, 3, I want to have the updates
in HBase too after next round sqoop import.

I checked two types incremental updates sqoop has:  Append mode seems only satisfied goal
A while Last-modified mode will require my mysql table has a timestamp column for each row(which
I don't in real life). I know if I don't use incremental updates options at all, I can just
get way with it by running a fresh import every time, but if my mysql table is really huge
and fresh import might be a performance killer.

Is there anyway I can just do incremental updates instead of having to re-run the whole import

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