Have you tried installing using Apache Bigtop? or some other packaged installation provider? Hbase client libs are used for Hbase import. Sqoop is compiled with Hbase support I think.


On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Andrew Allaway <> wrote:
Sorry for the bad title:)

3 nodes
Hadoop 1.2.1
Hive 0.11.0

All's working great:)

Want to connect SQL Server 2012 and SQL Serv. 2014 CTP to the above

I'm totally lost

Namenode (aka node1):

Have Windows7 (static ip4, connected via ethernet thru a switch. I can ssh into nodes 1-3 easy.

All's swell.

On Win7 have a full sql server instance "bob", database "test_db", schema "test_schema" & table "test_table" login "abc" pw "xyz".

On the cluster I've hadoop here:

Just untared Scoop to /usr/lib/sqoop

Then when I tried to run$ sqoop help from the above dir, it said it didn't know where my hadoop was.  So I ran the hadoop_home /usr/local....

Then ran$ sqoop help and it said it can't find hdfs.  So I ran the same$ export home_hdfs usr/local....

Then ran sqoop help and it said it needs Hbase????

Does it?  Why does it need Hbase to run?

Not sure how to go from here.  I want to install these packages as I learn them. I don't intend to learn Hbase at the moment, can I "live" w/o it?

Even if sqoop worked I still don't understand how to pull the table above (test_table) into hdfs and into Hive??