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From burberry blues <bluesburbe...@gmail.com>
Subject Sqoop not picking up immediate changes
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 06:36:10 GMT
Hi Team,

I am having a problem with following scenario.

In Db i update a column1 of a row and the column 2 got modified with
current timestamp.
But when i try to import those changes through sqoop using --incremental
lastmodified --check-column column2 --last-value <less than current
date>,it shows 0 records imported which are changed.

There are changes in the DB but sqoop qorks as if it couldnt find the
updated once and still pointing to the old records.

i.e Before updating i have 3 records with date as 10th Nov,i asked sqoop to
import records after 9th Nov. It imports all 3 records.
Now i change 1 row and date is updated to 12 Nov. Immediate I ask sqoop to
import records after 11th Nov .But it imports 0 records now.If i run the
same import with date as 9th nov again it works fine and also* give me
duplicate records*.

Please help me in this issue at the earliest.


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