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From "Vikash Talanki -X (vtalanki - INFOSYS LIMITED at Cisco)" <vtala...@cisco.com>
Subject How to specify --target-dir for sqoop incremental imports into hive
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 05:50:55 GMT
Hi All,

I want to use existing sqoop incremental parameters to load data from oracle to hive.

Here is the sqoop command :

sqoop import -D mapred.child.java.opts='\-Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/../dev/urandom' --connect
--username XXXXX --password XXXXXX -m 1 --table XXCSS_KTN_REQ_LINE_DETAIL --target-dir /app/SmartAnalytics/Apps/frameworks_dataingestion.db/xxcss_ktn_req_line_detail_vtest
--hive-table frameworks_dataingestion.XXCSS_KTN_REQ_LINE_DETAIL_vtest --map-column-hive LINE_ITEM_ID=BIGINT,LIST_PRICE=BIGINT,SERVICE_VALUE=BIGINT
--null-string '\\N' --null-non-string '\\N' --hive-delims-replacement ' ' --check-column LID_DATE
--incremental append --last-value '2014-05-27 10:38:17.0'

Even when I specify the target directory of my existing tables HDFS file location it is still
creating a different output directory -
14/06/08 21:28:52 INFO mapred.JobClient: Creating job's output directory at _sqoop/08212846713XXCSS_KTN_REQ_LINE_DETAIL

Why is this happening? What needs to be provided for -target-dir?
Thanks in advance.

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Vikash Talanki
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Cisco Systems Limited
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